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Academic Publication Advertising

"Academic Publication Advertising"
Companies are experimenting with various techniques to market their products and deliver them to more people. The advertisement is one of them. Through various channels, the product is advertised with paid or free of charge, so that masses are informed about the product.

In the world of academia, the readability and availability of publications, which are the most basic products of academicians, gain importance from day to day. If the information remains in dusty shelves so this unreachable information is useless. Innovations offered by academic publications, the added value of literacy and the benefits to the society need to be accessible to a wider audience. Authors try to use various methods to make their publications reachable by a wider audience. At the Firstly, authors put their publication on their personal web pages to increase their access. It is aimed both to list their own publications and increase the number of addresses to be reached. The second method is sharing the publication in "researchgate", "academia" and etc. web sites for the access of researchers interested in these issues. As there are more researchers on these platforms, publication becomes more useful and more likely to be cited. The third method is to share the publication itself or its link in social media platforms, such as "linkedin", "twitter" , "facebook" and etc. , which are not very related to academic world. It is intended to increase the accessibility of publications by applying many more methods, such as these. Several years ago, "Academic Publishing Accessibility Optimization" methods, such as the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) methods that were launched to make websites more prominent and more accessible in search engines, are beginning to be developed. I do not know if this concept exists in the literature at the moment but it is certain that in the next period this concept will be in the life of the academic world.

Ömer AYDIN, 07/09/2017 10:35:00 , İzmir Turkey

Why does Turkey consider the YPG a terrorist group?

Why does Turkey consider the YPG a terrorist group?

Venezuela Devlet Başkanı Nicolás Maduro Moros'un Filistin Konusunda İsrail ve Arap Dünyasına Tepkisi...


PKK kill 15 year old Eren Bülbül and a soldier in Trabzon

A 15-year-old child, along with a soldier became the latest victim to PKK Terrorist Organization as terrorists opened fire on Turkish security forces in northeastern Trabzon province on Friday. A soldier and a civilian were also injured. The civilian, identified as 15-year-old local Eren Bülbül witnessed the terrorists committing a burglary and was subsequently shot while he tried to report the incident to officials. PKK terrorists employ various tactics that could be instrumental in reaching their goal of an "autonomous Kurdistan." Through their Syrian wing, the PYD, and cooperation with United States, the Terrorist Organization aims to realize their idea of forming a self-governing structure. Listed as a terrorist organization by the U.S. and the EU, the PKK resumed its armed campaign against the Turkish state in july 2015, violating the cease-fire unilaterally.

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Allah'ın en sevdiği amel az da olsa sürekli, devamlı olanıdır!

“Allah katında amellerin en makbulü az da olsa devam üzere yapılanıdır.” 
Hz. Âlkame şöyle demiş: Müminlerin annesi Hz. Âişe'ye sordum; "Resûlüllah’ın günlerden birine özel yaptığı bir şey var mıydı?” Âişe, şu cevâbı verdi:
“Hayır! Onun ameli devamlıydı. Resûlüllah’ın yaptığı şeylere hanginiz güç yetirebilir ki.”
Başka bir rivayette Peygamber Efendimiz (asm):
“Allah Teâlâ'ya amellerin en makbulü, az da olsa en devâmlısıdır.” demiştir.
Aşağıda verilen videoyu bu kapsamda izleminizi tavsiye ederim. İster azmin eseri deyin, isterseniz ibret alıp az da olsa devamlı yapılan şeylerin ne sonuçlar üreteceğini düşünün.


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